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Varen Life Sciences Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 15 July, 2021. It is classified as a private limited company and is located in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Our Vision

  • Develop environment-friendly technologies that give the company and India a significant cost advantage.
  • Our R&D is constantly focused on development of new molecules and efficiency improvement of existing chemical processes.
  • R&D is capable of producing milligrams to multi ton quantities of complex organic compounds through good documentation and recording practices.
  • Collaborate with premier international university to benefit from their expertise.
  • We do supply intermediate to our API manufacturer, simultaneously we do focus on NCEs and Library molecules.
  • Our major vision we do supply all types of boronic acid derivatives in commercial scale.

Discover More About Varen Life Sciences

We are a science-led company at our core. We push back the frontiers of science to serve the needs of humanity. Our state-of-the-art research labs enable us to produce new cures to some of the most challenging diseases. With our manufacturing facilities, we cracked the code of creating high-quality and affordable medicines. Our facilities have been certified and approved by WHO, USFDA, NIP Hungary, PMDA, KFDA and BfArM. Our strong R&D and API manufacturing capabilities are enabling us to grow rapidly. We are also one of the most-admired companies to work for in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.

We’re Setting the New Standards in Laboratory & Research Professional.

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Immune system


Advanced Microscopy




  • Core Values ( Ethics, Safety, Health & Environmental stewardship).
  • Compliance.
  • Quality Products & Quality Policy.
  • Quick Response.
  • On time Delivery.
  • Customer Satisfaction.

  • Reaction range from -78oC to 200oC.
  • Halogenation, Bromination, Chlorination, Iodination, Sandmeyer reaction.
  • Coupling reactions, Friedal-Crafts reaction, Diazotisation.
  • Oxidation, Cyclizations, Conednsations, Addition reactions.
  • Hydrogenation, reduction amination reactions.
  • Addition, Amidation and coupling reactions
  • Dry and moisture sensitive reactions (Grignard and Lithiated reactions)
  • High temperature (220oC) and high pressure reactions (10-20 bar)
  • We can perform both high value, low volume product & high volume, low value product.

  • CDMO, CMO & CMC services
  • Focused On
    • API Intermediates
    • Specialty Chemicals
    • APIs for clinical research & Commercial phases

  • Fume hoods -10Nos
  • Rotavapors – 2Nos
  • High vaccum pumps- 2Nos
  • Chillers -2Nos
  • Deep freezer- 1No
  • Ice maker- 1No
  • Gas bank (H2, N2, NH3, CO2, Cl2 etc)
  • Autoclaves for pressure reactions -2Nos (2L, 5L capacity)

  • Auto Clave (800ml, 3L Capacity)
  • 50L Reactor

  • HPLC – 2 Nos (Shimadzu).
  • GC – 1 Nos ( Shimadzu)
  • Melting Point Apparatus – 2Nos
  • Analytical Balance – 2Nos
  • Conductivity Meter – 1No
  • Hot Air Oven – 1No.
State art of the R & D Labs in India and USA
APIs Manufactured at 9 Manufacturing Facilities
Research Scientists out of a total Workforce of over 5000
Customers across 56 Countries
Million Liters of Reactor Capacity
Manufacturing Facilities

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