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Varen Life Sciences Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 15 July, 2021. It is classified as a private limited company and is located in Hyderabad, Telangana.

We are committed to the use of secure and responsible practices pertaining safety, health and the environment, in compliance with all regulations in force, international standards and company discipline.

We believe that the protection of human health and the environment is necessary to the development of our business. We are committed to the preservation of resources and the protection of our employees, customers, environment and community.

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We Provide all aspects of Medical Practice for your Whole Persons!

State art of the R & D Labs in India and USA
APIs Manufactured at 9 Manufacturing Facilities
Research Scientists out of a total Workforce of over 5000
Customers across 56 Countries
Million Liters of Reactor Capacity
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We’re Setting the New Standards in Laboratory and Research Industry

We Provide all aspects of Medical Practice for your Whole Members!

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  • Core Values ( Ethics, Safety, Health & Environmental stewardship).
  • Compliance.
  • Quality Products & Quality Policy.
  • Quick Response.
  • On time Delivery.
  • Customer Satisfaction.

  • Reaction range from -78oC to 200oC.
  • Halogenation, Bromination, Chlorination, Iodination, Sandmeyer reaction.
  • Coupling reactions, Friedal-Crafts reaction, Diazotisation.
  • Oxidation, Cyclizations, Conednsations, Addition reactions.
  • Hydrogenation, reduction amination reactions.
  • Addition, Amidation and coupling reactions
  • Dry and moisture sensitive reactions (Grignard and Lithiated reactions)
  • High temperature (220oC) and high pressure reactions (10-20 bar)
  • We can perform both high value, low volume product & high volume, low value product.

  • CDMO, CMO & CMC services
  • Focused on
    • API Intermediates
    • Specialty Chemicals
    • APIs for clinical research & Commercial phases

  • Fume hoods -10Nos
  • Rotavapors – 2Nos
  • High vaccum pumps- 2Nos
  • Chillers -2Nos
  • Deep freezer- 1No
  • Ice maker- 1No
  • Gas bank (H2, N2, NH3, CO2, Cl2 etc)
  • Autoclaves for pressure reactions -2Nos (2L, 5L capacity)

  • Auto Clave (800ml, 3L Capacity)
  • 50L Reactor

  • HPLC – 2 Nos (Shimadzu).
  • GC – 1 Nos ( Shimadzu)
  • Melting Point Apparatus – 2Nos
  • Analytical Balance – 2Nos
  • Conductivity Meter – 1No
  • Hot Air Oven – 1No.

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